Author Jacky Ankeles

Jacky Ankeles is a resident of Peabody, MA. She grew up in Marblehead and has lived on the North Shore all her life.  Even though she is not of Portuguese descent, she and her husband David have been closely involved with the Portuguese community for many years. Her entire life has been devoted to the arts. She was a performing member of the Boston Ballet Company for several years and has degrees in Music and Drama from Skidmore College.   She is a Classical pianist and also received a degree in Nursing.  But her passion has been the 30-year broadcasting career spent on radio stations WBOQ ( 104.9 FM) and WNBP in Newburyport.   Her versatile knowledge of music allowed her to make successful transitions whenever the stations changed formats.  At WBOQ, she went from announcing a Classical format, to a Jazz format, to being a Classic Rock DJ. She was the station’s Public Affairs Director for a number of years. Last year she retired from radio when WNBP was sold to Bloomberg Radio.