Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • USA 3,544,694
    Confirmed: 3,544,694
    Active: 1,814,691
    Recovered: 1,590,867
    Death: 139,136
  • Brazil 1,931,204
    Confirmed: 1,931,204
    Active: 643,430
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 74,262
  • Canada 108,486
    Confirmed: 108,486
    Active: 27,518
    Recovered: 72,170
    Death: 8,798
  • Portugal 47,051
    Confirmed: 47,051
    Active: 13,833
    Recovered: 31,550
    Death: 1,668
  • Cabo Verde 1,722
    Cabo Verde
    Confirmed: 1,722
    Active: 931
    Recovered: 772
    Death: 19
  • Mozambique 1,268
    Confirmed: 1,268
    Active: 886
    Recovered: 373
    Death: 9
  • Angola 541
    Confirmed: 541
    Active: 397
    Recovered: 118
    Death: 26
  • Timor-Leste 24
    Confirmed: 24
    Active: N/A
    Recovered: 24
    Death: N/A
Keep us connected

During this Holiday Season, we would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to all our readers, followers, and friends.

For over three years Feel Portugal Magazine has been publishing articles, and news, of interest to the Portuguese community residing in the US.

We are a bilingual digital magazine dedicated to all the Portuguese generations and our mission is to keep our communities connected.

With the support and involvement of our readers, organizations, and Portuguese-American Businesses our goal is to be a valuable resource of relative information for many years.

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We are proud that, during 2019, we successfully covered and sponsored many cultural events in Portuguese communities.

Our success is also reflected in the over 120 thousand website page views, and the many thousands of likes on social media.

Articles From Past Holiday Publications:

“What a privilege it has been to grow up Portuguese.  Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest gifts my mother and father gave me. Although I am American born, my parents always made sure I stayed very connected to our roots.  In our home, we always kept the traditions alive.  Christmas Eve was no exception and was always celebrated Portuguese-style.”

“A traditional Christmas Eve dinner usually includes Bacalhau da Consoada – a salted cod simply boiled with potatoes, cabbage, collard greens, carrots, and hard-boiled eggs and then drizzled with olive oil.”

A recent visit to the Cabral family home during the Christmas Season was a wonderful treat. When Germano Cabral came to the door he was wearing a festive holiday jacket with Santa Claus printed all over it. Underneath the jacket, he wore a sweatshirt that said: “As long as I have wine the holidays will be fine”.

Merry Christmas (Feliz Natal)

Best wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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Paulo Martins and Feligenio Medeiros are the co-founders and editors of the digital magazine FEEL PORTUGAL IN THE USA.

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