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I have been working in the entertainment business for 25 Years! I have never seen a benefit event to raise money, for any cause, that did not include musicians and their respective support personnel! They are always willing to help…

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic our country’s culture has been subjected to enormous atrocities.

Some people think that the labor provided by musicians, sound technicians, or anyone else involved in culture is not work at all.

Now is the time when we must organize a benefit event for those who are most in need. But now, most of the biggest benefit event providers are the ones in need of help.

Helder Moutinho
Helder Moutinho at 2019 NY Fado Fest

So once again we have to be the ones to help our own! I will help… if you want, join me!

For these reasons, this year, on my birthday, I am asking for donations to Audiovisual Union. I decided to choose this non-profit organization because its mission is very important to me and I hope you will consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Any donation, no matter how small, will help me reach the goal.

I have included information about União Audiovisual below.

Hélder Moutinho

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We are UA – União Audiovisual.

We are a social and cultural association, supporting technical professionals and artists of culture, shows, and events.

In 2020 we were born, from several consciences. We started as an informal group that got together at the beginning of the pandemic, organizing the collection of food and essential goods, to overcome the difficulties that many of us were unable to deal with. It is in this spirit of mutual help that we continue today.

We do it, non-profit, non-partisan, secular, and without soccer preferences.

At UA – União Audiovisual, the goal of our action is to support audiovisual professionals, to enhance their technical/artistic career, mitigating the present and leveraging the future. Transmitting to society, the knowledge of the difficulties in which many of us find ourselves.

We exist for a class of professionals in these areas who need support.
Since April 11, 2020, the União Audiovisual has been supporting the cultural sector. At this moment, we are helping families from North to South of the country, including the Azores. We are distributed by several poles: Porto, Coimbra, Oeste, Lisbon, Margem Sul, Alentejo, Algarve and São Miguel.
We have already helped around 265 families throughout the country, with the Lisbon office receiving the most requests, supporting 130 families per month.

It is with the will, the awareness, and entrepreneurship of those who look at those who are on their side, that we will continue to respond to requests for support.

We have grown because we are not alone. We held several food collection initiatives with the support of several companies and artists, with the main highlight being the “Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta da UA” and the “N2 em bicicleta”, always with Tiago Cação at the head of this adventure.

We produced several concerts at Village Underground and 2 days of “Concerts UA”, at Évora Arena, from which the “UA – Documentary” resulted.

In this path we have been supported by major actions, among which stand out “Rock N`Law”, the solidarity campaign “Todos por Todos” (Continente), the Fnac Solidarity Campaign, the Uncancelcollection2020, and Super Bock.
In 2021 our strength, our extension, dreams, attitude will continue….
… the UA – União Audiovisual, will not stop!

100% of your donation goes directly to the non-profit organization.


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