Lisbon, April 24, 2019 (Lusa) – RTP will begin to broadcast a set of ten episodes about ten Luso descendants who have distinguished themselves in the American political scene and show how politics is done in America, said the author, José Alberto Lemos, to Lusa.

“There has been a lot of work and press reports on Portuguese who have taken part in the most diverse areas of the United States, but there has not yet been a documentary series about those who started in politics,” José Alberto Lemos told Lusa on the day the documentary series ‘Vote in the USA’ was presented.

“Achieving citizens’ trust where they live is, nevertheless, a great feat and was important to show the Portuguese how to do politics in America, which is the second objective of the series, and show the essential difficulties between politics North American and Portuguese.”

The series features ten major interviews with elected politicians who were elected, with the exception of David Simas, a former adviser to US President Barack Obama and current Executive Director of the Obama Foundation in Chicago, who was not elected, but rather chosen.

With 10 episodes of 25 minutes each, RTP America debuts the first episode on May 8, followed by RTP Europe two days later and RTP Asia on May 11.

For the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities present at the ceremony, this documentary shows “the most enterprising of the most enterprising, who managed to guarantee their civic and institutional intervention in the host countries, and it is this homage that this work by RTP, led by José Alberto Lemos, illustrates.

Speaking to Lusa on the sidelines of the ceremony, which took place  at RTP in Lisbon, José Luís Carneiro said that this documentary “is one of the ways to be able to illustrate in a very concrete and perceptible way the strength that these Portuguese have in the world and the contribution they can make to the affirmation of Portugal’s interests in relation to all political institutions in which there are large Portuguese communities in politics, such as the United States. “

Moreover, the Secretary of State left the challenge that other countries be analyzed, starting with France, “where there is presence in civic and political institutions and strength and expression of institutional representation at the political level.”

It would be, he concluded, “a good territory to continue this effort”.


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