Can you imagine going to the doctor one day and learning you need heart surgery? Well, that’s what happened to Roy Dias.

If that isn’t enough for Roy and his family to deal with, his health insurance company told him they don’t cover the cost of the surgery. He also will not be able to return to work for about 3 months because that’s how long his recovery will take.

Roy is 50 years old and lives with his fiancee in Manchester, NH along with their two children. He also has two children from a previous wedding. Roy’s parents are from Gouveia, Portugal. They came to the US and settled in Peabody, MA where Roy grew up. Roy presently works in the healthcare field.

Roy Dias

Feel Portugal magazine first met Roy, back in July 2018, before he was diagnosed with his heart condition. At the time, we were doing a story about the Portuguese American motorcycle club (PARR), from the Lowell area. The club had organized a benefit ride in order to raise money for a family in need and we wanted to get the word out about the good works this motorcycle club was doing to help those in the community.

Roy was there as a member of Portuguese American Road Riders (PARR), a motorcycle club whose principal activity is doing annual Motorcycle Benefit Rides to help raise money for families in need.

PARR was founded in June 2006 and its members are made up of either Portuguese Americans or Americans of Portuguese descent. It was started for all types of motorcycle enthusiasts that love to ride, have fun, socialize, be with friends and make new ones.

The club’s motto is “to help the Portuguese American community,” and have their own annual benefit ride. Every year the club members choose to benefit children of a family in need. That decision is made by the club members every January at their first annual meeting.

PARR Group is Making a Difference in the Portuguese Community

In 2018, the year we met Roy, PARR helped the Paiva/Flores children whose father had stage four colon cancer and their mother was unable to work full time due to the father’s illness. PARR was successful in raising $13,124 and presented a check to the family on September 2, 2018, at the Our Lady of Loreto Feast in Lowell, MA.

Not long ago Roy was helping others in need. Now, he needs your help in order to get back on his feet. He and his family face an enormous challenge and they need your help to overcome it.  

It’s in moments like this that the community needs to step up and help one of its members. We are counting on you to help Roy and his family overcome this very difficult time in their lives. Every small contribution will help them pass through this very difficult period.

To help Roy and his family, make a donation to his Facebook fundraiser Page or to the GoFundMe Page and/or share this story with others who may be able to help.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


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