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The Attleboro priest blocks Holy Ghost Feast and the Portuguese community faces difficulties in organizing the traditional Holy Ghost Feast for 2020. This situation has been escalating due to a disagreement between the new priest and the parishioners.

“It saddens me to inform the public that the Holy Ghost festival that has taken place in Attleboro since the late 70s will come to an end,” said Paulo Salgueiro, Jr.

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Salgueiro, the son of immigrants from São Miguel and Terceira, is a parishioner at the St. Vincent de Paul Church in Attleboro, MA.

According to him “the new parish priest, Father Dariusz Kalinowski informed the Portuguese community that the 2020 Holy Ghost Festa at the church would be banned.”

Salgueiro went on to say: “the Portuguese mass that was held at St. Vincent de Paul church will also be eliminated.” 

Attleboro priest blocks Holy Ghost Feast

The Holy Ghost tradition has been around for centuries. It was brought to the United States and has lasted for decades in the community along with morning mass, specifically the only Portuguese mass.

The Portuguese community had several meetings, both in groups and as individuals, and were denied any requests that have been made. Yet the priest and Bishop daCunha claim they want to help the community but have done nothing to prove such.

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“Furthermore, the Portuguese community was told during a meeting, if they didn’t like the changes, they could walk out the door of the church,” said Salgueiro.

Attleboro priest blocks Holy Ghost Feast

According to Salgueiro, the Portuguese community brought cultural traditions, volunteered endless hours for the church and, has donated endless amounts of money both from the festival and individually to the church.

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“It truly saddens me, after all the Portuguese have done for the church, they are not appreciated by the church and shunned. Unless we come together as a community, nothing will be done, and the church will continue to not be forthcoming with their parishioners.” Salgueiro said. 

Salgueiro emailed Bishop daCunha for an interview, regarding the situation, and has not received a response yet.

In addition to being disappointed, the Portuguese community needs to stay alert, and take action to work with the church, in order to prevent this and similar situations from taking place in other parishes.

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