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Rhode Islanders have a new and special way to show their Portuguese pride while driving their automobile. 

The Day of Portugal and Portuguese Heritage in RI, Inc. came up with an innovative idea of raising money, for its celebrations of the Day of Portugal, while instilling pride in the Portuguese heritage. They will soon be able to get a Day of Portugal special license plate.

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The Day of Portugal logo, displayed in the license plate, is an artistic creation of Orlando Mateus, a Graphic Designer, and current President of RI Day of Portugal, Inc. 

The cost is $41.50, of which $21.50 goes to the state’s general fund, and $20 goes to the Rhode Island Day of Portugal. Every two years when you renew your license plate, there will be a $10 fee, all of which will benefit the Rhode Island Day of Portugal.

In order for this initiative to materialize, the Rhode Island Day of Portugal will need to obtain a minimum order of 600 license plate applications before production could be commenced. All information, including your payments, will be collected and put into an escrow account until that 600 number is met. You will be notified when that number is met and when to expect your plate. Find more information HERE

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Contacted by Feel Portugal magazine, Orlando emphasized the importance of the Portuguese community’s involvement “This is a way to show Portuguese pride in the State of Rhode Island, and assuring continued support for a great cause dedicated to the mission of the RI day of Portugal. He continued by saying: “It will motivate the younger generations to embrace Portuguese culture.”

Orlando Mateus, President of RI Day of Portugal at RI State House
RI Day of Portugal license plate presented at RI State House

The RI Day of Portugal organization’s mission is to celebrate Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas in the State of Rhode Island, to preserve the traditions of the Portuguese culture for future generations, and promote the contribution of the Portuguese people,  language and culture to the rich fabric of the State of Rhode Island. 

 “This will also show the unity that exists among the Portuguese communities, and the interest in our culture. It would be great to see initiatives like this one in other states where the Portuguese communities are represented.” Said the leader of RI Day of Portugal. 

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This organization holds numerous events throughout the year to benefit the Portuguese and greater Rhode Island community.

To learn more about Rhode Island Day of Portugal and help promote and support this  and other initiatives CLICK HERE

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Paulo Martins and Feligenio Medeiros are the co-founders and editors of the digital magazine FEEL PORTUGAL IN THE USA.

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